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Guaranteed Payday Loans

It’s amazing that the term “Guaranteed Payday Loans” gets as much traffic as it does from the search engines. According to Google’s own reporting, the phrase is searched for over 4900 times per month in the UK. While compared to the main keyword of “payday loans” having an average of 290000 searches per month it is a mere drop in the bucket but it is significant for another reason. It is a signal of just how bad the economy really is.

People simply searching for payday loans are likely to have some black marks on their credit and are in some type of financial need that the standard means of financing is not available due to the credit score being dinged. In contrast, people looking for some type of guarantee of getting a loan are likely in more dire straights with their credit and can be easily ‘suckered’ into a bad decision.

For example, if you perform a google UK search for the term ‘guaranteed payday loans’ and examine the website in the number one position you will be greeted with this after clicking on the link:

“ Great and Lucrative Payday Loans – Are you undergoing through financial tantrums ? Are you in need of instant cash that can help you pay all your advances until you have got your next pay day? Loan Point is where you will find credible solutions related to instant payday loans. We have bespoke deals on Payday loans in the UK that is going to fulfill your need for quick cash. At Loan Point, we add value into your life and ensure that you don’t face any financial problems ever.”

That’s right, we had to read it several times as well just to get the words to make the least bit of sense! It is not written this way because a preschooler wrote it, it is what is called auto generated content, also called spam. Believe it or not though, many people will fall for the scam regardless of how it is written. The owners of these websites know that you are not guaranteed a payday loan but they get paid for every application they can get submitted from unsuspecting people needing help. Why would they do this? It’s simple, once you apply with them, you are in their database and they can spam more offers to you on a daily basis increasing their revenue’s.

This is one area that sets Handy Loan apart, we are only paid from our lenders when your are approved for a loan. We are not paid anything just to get your information. We receive no commissions for someone who is not able to be approved so you can bet we will pull out every tool in our arsenal to help you get approved! We cannot guarantee you will get a loan and neither can anyone else in the short term loan business but your chances at Handy Loan are much better than with the scammers!