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Weekend Payday loans

We Make Payday Loans Easy!

So, it’s the weekend or too late at night and you are not sure where to turn to get after hours financial help? Look no further, Handy Loan is here to help! We operate 24/7 and offer the fastest loan processing in the UK. We strive to complete your loan in 15 minutes or less!


Fast Approval

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Approval for a payday loan is usually made within one hour (usually less than 10 minutes) which allows borrowers to have cash quickly. Once approval is made funds are deposited straight away into the borrowers nominated bank account. The funds are usually available immediately but this may depend on the banking institution’s guidelines for release of deposits made directly into an account.


24/7 Payday Loans

What are payday loans?!

A payday loan is a short term loan that is designed to help people with pressing financial troubles such as an unexpected or late utility bill, groceries and auto repairs so you can get to work.

While very useful, these loans can also be dangerous if you take one out knowing you cannot repay on the scheduled date. Failure to repay on time leads to additional charges and fee’s and can worsen an already bad financial circumstance.



How Handy Loans Work

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Pay day loans are designed with people in mind that have regular employment and who might need a helping hand getting through to pay day. The amount you can borrow is based upon how much you earn and the frequency of your pay periods.

This is to keep the borrower from getting into more financial trouble than they are already in and avoids long term debt. Another stipulation of this short term loan is that it must be repaid on the next payday and payment is to be made by direct debit from the borrowers bank account.


What About Bad Credit?

We may still be able to hep you!

Being that approval for a payday loans is based mostly on your income as stated above, bad credit may not be a reason for denial. If you have bad credit, don’t let this stop you from applying as there is still a very good chance you can be approved. Also, because the loan has to be paid back rapidly, you will not have to worry about hurting you credit any worse (unless you fail to repay).


No Hassle Lending

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Our loans are designed to be as hassle free and quick as possible with no paperwork and direct access to your money without unreasonable delay. Everything is handled online from application to getting your cash.

Online loans are designed with the borrowers safety in mind. All applications are fully SSL secured and provide the utmost level of privacy protection available. Your personal details will never fall into the wrong hands when you apply with Handy Loan. Loans made on the weekend may not be immediately available, depending on your banks policies. This is also something to remember when asking for a payday loan instant on the weekend. We are open Saturday and Sunday as well. We are affiliated with over 40 direct lenders.

Representative APR Example: Borrow £80 for 28 days, you repay £100 with interest rate of 25% with £20 payable giving an APR of 1734%